Article 27 GDPR Representative features

Features of our Article 27 EU Representative Service

A simple way to meet your EU GDPR Representative obligations

Art 27

Your Customer Care Portal

Provide customers a branded portal to make data requests to your organisation.

Instantly establish an EU presence

Meet your obligation under Article 27 to have a Representative located within the EU to handle personal data requests.

Provide a compliant contact portal

Ensure personal data requests by data subjects and EU supervisory authorities are being received in a GDPR compliant manner.

Maintain appropriate records

Comply with record keeping obligations under Article 30 to maintain appropriate records of all communicatons through your Portal.

Manage requests easily

Capture Requests

Capture requests in a consolidated Notification Management Portal.

Stay notified

Receive email and SMS notifications when requests are made.

Delegate Requests

Notify different staff based on the type of request being made.

Confirm Identity

Establish the identity of customers/data subjects. View and confirm copies of ID before proceeding with requests. Manage requests from minors.

Respond to Requests

Communicate with customers/data subjects or supervisory authorities, provide data files and keep a record of your interactions.


Maintain a history of all interactions relating to your requests.

Translate Requests in real time

Represent is integrated with Google Translate, enabling you to translate your requests as you review them.

Article 27 GDPR representative translations

Advanced Features

Suitable for small to large enterprises


Respond in a timely manner by ensuring the correct members of your team are aware of related types of requests.


Increase quality of your responses by applying senior, legal or QA approval to requests before responding.


Generate and distribute real-time, data to your stakeholders on the type, frequency and fulfillment of requests.


Export data in real time to manipulate, review and share with your team or use in external business processes.


Comply with business information security requirements for audit logs, with complete logging of all user actions.


Apply organisational branding requirements directly to your Customer Care Portal.

Welcome to our Article 27 GDPR Representative service

Secure your data

Store your customer / personal data requests and responses with industry leading data security aligned to ISO 27001, including full encryption and disaster recovery. Compliant with Article 32 secure processing requirements.

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