Ready for Brexit?

Brexit is coming! and your business needs to be GDPR compliant. Once Brexit is finalised you may need to appoint a “representative” in the European Union to comply with Article 27 of GDPR.

Prepare for the exit now with our “No Fee until exit” service, where you can use our GDPR Representative service to set up all your Article 27 Representative requirements in preparation of the UK exit from the EU, at no cost to you until exit.

Get Ready
GDPR Representative Service

We've got UK businesses preparing for Brexit covered.

With Brexit proceeding UK businesses now need to prepare for the exit on 31st December 2020, or earlier if the UK and EU agree. We have created a "No Fee until Exit" option to help you prepare.


  • You are a UK business
  • After Brexit you will not have any offices in the EU Member States (don’t count your UK offices!)
  • Your business is
    • offering goods or services (whether free or for payment) to individuals in the EU; or
    • monitoring behaviour of individuals whilst in the EU (e.g. your business is using an analytics program on its website to track usage by IP address),
    and no “exception” applies. (See our FAQs)


  • GDPR will require you to appoint a GDPR Article 27 “representative” based in the EU, immediately that Brexit happens.
  • You can take advantage of our "No Fee until exit" option and get your service ready today.
  • When Brexit is finalised on 31st December 2020 (or earlier by agreement between UK and EU), we will be your GDPR Article 27 “representative”, and you will have complied with your obligation to appoint a GDPR Article 27 “representative”.

How it works

  • You select the GDPR Representative service plan that best suits your business.
  • Our system will detect you are a UK business and apply an adjustment to your account so your monthly fee is suspended until Brexit is finalised and the exit comes into force. Currently this is scheduled for 31st December 2020, but is subject to change by agreement between UK and EU.
  • You will have access to your Representative service portal to prepare for Brexit.
  • Our service will guide you through the steps you need to take to prepare for our appointment as your GDPR Article 27 Representative.
  • The Customer Care Portal that provides your customers/data subjects with the ability to make requests to your business will be disabled until Brexit occurs, so you don't receive requests until you are required to process them.
  • Once Brexit occurs:

    • Your Customer Care Portal will be immediately fully enabled, so you can begin receiving requests from your customers/data subjects.
    • We will commence charging the monthly fee based on the plan you selected when you registered.

    Prepare with peace of mind

    Cancelling the service before Brexit

    If you change your mind and do not wish to proceed with our GDPR representative service you can cancel at any time before the Brexit exit date occurs, currently 31st December 2020, at no cost to you.

    What if Brexit exit date changes?

    You will not be charged until Brexit occurs. Currently that is scheduled to occur on 31st December 2020. If the UK and EU agree to a different date we will activate your service on the newly agreed upon date, to ensure you are represented.

    Want to go live now?

    UK remains inside the EU's single market and customs union until the post-Brexit transition period, which is currently scheduled to expire on 31st December 2020. Until that time the requirement to appoint a representative under Article 27 of GDPR does not apply to UK businesses.

    However, if you wish to activate the full service immediately and begin providing a GDPR compliant request service to your customers on a voluntary basis you can do so by registering for our standard 30 day free trial signup.

    # Note: We will not become your Article 27 representative until the Brexit exit date occurs.