Cookies Notice

What is a cookie?

A "cookie" is a text file that websites send to a visitor’s computer or other internet-connected device to uniquely identify the visitor’s browser or to store information or settings in the browser. A “web beacon,” also known as an internet tag, pixel tag or clear GIF, links web pages to web servers and their cookies and may be used to transmit information collected through cookies back to a web server.

Juksta GDPR Representative Limited uses cookies, web beacons (including pixels and tags) and similar technologies on our website that collect certain information about your use of the website by automated means.

We use these automated technologies to collect information about your equipment, browsing actions and usage patterns. The information we obtain in this manner includes IP address and other identifiers associated with your devices, types of devices connected to our website, device characteristics (such as operating system), language preferences, referring/exit pages, navigation paths, access times, browser preferences and characteristics, installed plugins, local time zones, local storage preferences, clickstream data and other information about your online activities.

We use both first-party cookies (served directly by our website domain) and third-party cookies (served by a third-party website when you visit our website, such as Google Analytics or our cloud hosting provider). Some of these cookies are session cookies (which are automatically deleted when you close your browser) and others are persistent cookies (which remain on your computer or other internet-connected device for a period of time after you end your browsing session, unless you delete them).

We do not make any decisions that affect your legal rights based on our use of your cookies.

How do we classify cookies on our website?

We have classified the cookies that we use on our website into three types:

  • Essential and Functional Cookies;
  • Internal Analytics Cookies; and
  • Marketing Cookies.

Essential and Functional Cookies

We use cookies on our website that are necessary for us to provide our GDPR Representative Services under Article 27 of GDPR and other products and services that may be available from our website. This includes essential cookies (such as those used to authenticate you to our website and identify you after you have logged in), functional cookies (such as those that remember what you added to your sign up page, registration or the language preference you selected), and user-centric security cookies used to increase the security of the products and services we provide to you (such as to detect authentication abuses). Given the necessary functionality of these cookies, they typically cannot be disabled if you wish to access and use our website.

Internal Analytics Cookies

We use internal analytics cookies to collect information on how users navigate and use our website, such as how the users traverse our website, the pages they view, how long they stay on a page and whether the page is displayed correctly or whether errors occur. This analysis is used solely by us and our contractors on our behalf to better understand the use of our website so that we can improve its performance and our users’ experience. We hold this information for up to 2 years. In almost all cases this information is used in an aggregated form from which it is extremely difficult to identify any particular device, and by itself, it does not identify an individual’s personal identity. This data is not used to target marketing material to any user, whether from Juksta GDPR Representative Limited or any third party. These cookies are provided by third-party analytics providers, including Google Analytics.

We only use these Internal Analytics Cookies to process your personal data when you have opted in to the Internal Analytics Cookies on our Cookie Notice.

Marketing Cookies

Marketing Cookies are used to control and manage advertisements. These cookies may collect information on whether a user has reacted to an advertisement and visited another website. These cookies help us, and third party providers, to offer you content and provide targeted information that is believed to be more relevant to your interests or those of organisations that you represent. They also help us to measure the effectiveness of our advertisements and communications. These cookies may be provided by third parties, and may send data related to your device (e.g. IP address, geo locator ID) to certain third parties, who may use that information to provide you with targeted marketing relating to our products and services, products and services provided by other Juksta GDPR Representative Limited group companies or third parties.

We only use these cookies to process your personal data when you have opted in to the Marketing Cookies on our cookie notice.

Third Party Cookies

We use some third party services or software on our website. If you go to a page on our website that contains this embedded content (such as a social media button) you may be sent cookies from these websites, for example YouTube videos, Google maps, Linked In and Twitter. We do not control the deployment of these cookies, their settings or what they are used for, so we suggest you check the third party website for more information about their cookies and how to manage them. These cookies are likely to be performance cookies or advertising cookies.

How you can Manage your Device’s Use of Cookies

Most internet browsers automatically accept cookies unless you change your browser settings. Your browser may tell you how to be notified when you receive certain types of cookies or how to restrict or disable certain types of cookies. These settings are usually found in the 'options' or 'preferences' menu of your internet browser. Please note, however, that without cookies you may not be able to use all of the features of our website. For mobile devices, you can manage how your device and browser share certain device data by adjusting the privacy and security settings on your mobile device.

Unless you have adjusted your internet browser settings to block cookies, our site will use cookies.

Your Rights

We respect your privacy and have set out a more detailed description of your rights in our Privacy Policy in the manner required by law (to the extent that those details are not set out in this Cookies Notice). The Privacy Policy includes the identity and contact details of the data controller, the purposes and legal basis of processing, the categories of recipients, a description of your rights, the details of your rights to complain, the entity to complain to and the process to withdraw consent. You should read that Privacy Policy in conjunction with this Cookies Notice.

Our Cookies Notice provides you with the ability to opt in to the use of one or both of the Internal Analysis Cookies and Marketing Cookies. If you do not opt in to each of the Internal Analysis Cookies and Marketing Cookies, we will not use those cookies to process your personal data.

If you give us your consent that consent is valid for the personal data that is collected during your entire session. If you subsequently withdraw consent then you will need to follow the process for withdrawing consent in described in the Privacy Policy.

We will always use the Functional and Performance Cookies, as we have a legitimate interest in operating the website efficiently.

Transfers outside of the EU

If you opt in to either the Internal Analysis Cookies or Marketing Cookies you give us explicit consent to transfer the personal data to the countries listed in this Cookies Notice for the purposes described in this Cookies Notice for that classification of use.

Where your personal data is transferred outside of the EU to one of the countries listed in this Cookies Notice it will be transferred in accordance with legal requirements. We will use Juksta GDPR Representative Limited group companies and third parties who are in a country that has local laws that protect personal data, although those laws may not to the standards determined by the European Commission to be adequate. In these countries we have ensured that we only transfer personal data to organisations where it has represented to us that they comply with legal standards (including those required by the European Data Protection Regulation 2016/697 ("GDPR"), are subject to US Privacy Shield protections or are bound by European Commission approved Model Clauses or clauses that reflect the overseas transfer requirements set out in Article 30 of GDPR.

Whilst this is approach does not guarantee the right and freedoms of individuals in respect of personal data, and individuals may have little or no ability to protect their rights directly against organisations that are not subject to GDPR itself in some countries, we believe that these organisations are reputable organisations who have committed to the principles of privacy protection set out in GDPR, and your personal data should be respected accordingly. In addition, we only transfer to them the minimum amount of personal data necessary for them to fulfil their responsibilities to us, and they only process that data in accordance with our written instructions.

The primary third party processors are Juksta GDPR Representative Limited group companies are AWS, Sendgrid, Microsoft, Google, and their respective hosting and Disaster recovery/back up providers.