Which cookies does your site use?

Businesses required to comply with GDPR must use a cookies notice and a privacy collection notice and have a cookies consent management system that complies with GDPR. The first step towards compliance is to understand what cookies are being set by your website

Use Juksta's free tool to gather information on your sites 1st and 3rd party cookies and their purpose. Which will help you determine what privacy issues your website may have and assist with your GDPR compliance.

Full GDPR Cookie Compliance

Juksta will shortly be launching our full cookies Consent Management Platform, which will help you to manage your website’s cookies in a way that complies with GDPR. Juksta’s cookies Consent Management Platform includes:

Cookie Monitoring

Automated scanning of your site periodically monitors first and third party cookies used on your website. Results are stored and used to automatically generate accurate consent banners and cookie privacy policies.

Cookie Consent

All non-essential cookies are blocked unless consent is received by site visitors. Visitors can review descriptions and provide, modify or withdraw consent for cookies based on cookie type (marketing, analytics) or by individual cookie at any time.

Consent Documentation

Results from automated cookie scans and all user consents are documented and stored in your Consent Management Platform for later review and as required by GDPR.

Fully GDPR compliance

All plans include the necessary features for you to manage your site cookies in a GDPR compliant manner. This includes our basic package for small business.

Simple Installation

Adding one line to your website installs a cookie consent banner to manage your cookies and updates your privacy policy to make your use of cookies GDPR compliant.

Low Price, Flat monthly fee

Compliant Cookie management starting from only €9 /month for small websites. With monthly plans and no hidden fees or lock in contracts.

How Cookie Compliance works

Step 1.

Scan your website

Our automated scanner reviews your website and discovers which cookies are running on your website.

Step 2.

Install Cookie Banner

Add a simple line of code to your website to add a GDPR compliant Cookie Consent Banner and cookie policy.

Step 3.

Automatic updates

Sit back and relax, we take care of the rest. Regular scans will detect changes and automatically update your consent banner and policies.

Interested in GDPR Cookie Compliance?

Register your interest today and we'll let you know when our consent management platform is ready to launch.

Early registrations will receive 6 month introductory discount, starting from only €5/month for the basic plan (excluding taxes).