Article 27 GDPR Representative - Juksta compliance solution

Welcome to Juksta. We provide an Article 27 GDPR Representative service to businesses outside the EU that require an EU Representative to comply with Article 27 of GDPR.

Do you require a GDPR Representative?

  • Is your business established outside of the EU?
  • Do you offer goods or services to individuals in the EU?
  • Or do you monitor the behaviour (e.g. cookie tracking on your website) of individuals in the EU?
Art 27 GDPR Representative

If you answered "Yes", you are more than likely a data controller or data processor of EU data subjects that is not established in the EU. And you are almost certainly required to appoint an EU representative to act on you behalf in the EU, to accept data subject requests and communications from EU state regulatory authorities.

Article 27 GDPR Self Assessment

Free Self-Assessment

A simple 2 minute self assessment to help determine if Article 27 requires you to appoint a GDPR Representative.

Article 27 GDPR and Brexit

Brexit and your business

If you are a UK business Brexit may change how Article 27 applies to your business. You may need to appoint an EU Representative.

What is a GDPR Representative

What is a GDPR Representative

What exactly is a GDPR Representative? How does it work and does it apply to you?

GDPR and small business

GDPR and small business

Is GDPR just for big business? You may be suprised

GDPR Consent Management Platform

Coming soon. A GDPR compliant Consent management platform to ensure your use of cookies complies with GDPR.

  • Does your site request prior consent for all non-necessary cookies (ePD)?
  • Does your cookies notice provide information on what each cookie is and what it does so you can obtain informed Opt In consent?
  • Does your site request prior Opt In consent for using your visitor’s personal data for marketing purposes GDPR?

Try our free cookie scan to find out what cookies are on your site.